Friday, October 9, 2009

Alternative Representation Project

When we first got assigned this project I was really excited. I enjoy working with different media and I was happy to have a break from the computer, especially since I don't have all of the technical abilities of knowing how to make the programs do what I want them to do. I chose to use "Leaf Man" as my logo idea for this project because I knew that it would be interesting and fairly easy to come up with an advertisement using this logo. I actually used more than 10 different medias for creating my "Leaf Man." I just kept coming up with different ideas on what I could make him out of and really had fun with this part. My favorite "Leaf Man" was the one that I hired my dad to make out of his ivy plant. I just kept coming up with fun and interesting places for Leaf Man to visit. If you look at my picasa web album you will see all of the cool places that Leaf Man went. I actually used this ivy Leaf Man to come up with a series of advertisements that I thought would be good for a company that I named Extreme Green Adventures. The whole idea behind this series is for Leaf Man to be an icon for an Adventure company that takes people on explorations that allow them to really get in touch with nature and all of the wonderful sites/activities it has to offer while at the same time respecting nature. The company is all about being GREEN.

Using Photoshop . . .

When I used photoshop for my first picture, all I did was get rid of a glare that was on the table. This was quite easy due to the fact that I was in class at the time and Mr. Babcock showed me how to do it. Once I got home to do the rest of my Photoshopped pictures, it was a whole other story. I had some really awesome ideas about what to do with my pictures, however my lack of knowledge about photoshop rendered me helpless. I spent all weekend on one measly picture that didn't even turn out the way that I had originally viewed in my mind. I did try to get on the internet to look at the lectures that Mr. Babcock was so thoughtful to record and have accessible to us (students). However, my computer was being difficult and would not allow me to view the lectures. So, I did my best and in the end I ended up with an OK result. It was very frustrating at times and quite tiring, but I usually enjoy a challenge and my end result made me feel good that I had not given up. Even though it was not completed using the best method, I am still proud of my Leaf Man in Egypt.

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